4 Tips for Running a Successful Destination Management Company

As the owner or operator of a destination management company (DMC), you may be wondering how you can improve the services you provide to your clients. After all, there are only so many activities and tasks involved in the daily management of a DMC, so coming up with innovative ways to create value can be somewhat challenging.

Your core value proposition and primary duties may already include organising meet & greets, facilitating transportation, arranging hotel accommodations, planning activities, booking leicester conference venues, setting up themed events, and procuring catering and venue services for gala dinners. That’s already a lot to take care of, and chances are you’re offering up an even more diverse set of services than those already mentioned.

So, how can you keep all of that running smoothly and continue to find new clients? Start with the following five tips and you’ll be well on your way to managing a more profitable DMC:

1. Understand Destination Marketing

One of your main selling points as a destination management provider is your knowledge and expertise in specific areas. For example, you might specialise in outbound tourism from India with a focus on destinations in Europe and the United States. Honing in on niche geographical specialisations will help you appeal to clients within your target regions while also simplifying and streamlining the processes that you’re regularly responsible for. The practice of marketing services to specific areas is known as destination marketing, and it’s a skill that every DMC manager should learn.

2. Offer an Unparalleled Level of Service

The biggest factor that determines whether clients will stick with you is the quality of service you provide. This means being friendly and accessible at all times. Due to time zone discrepancies, you may have clients contacting you from the other side of the world while you’re trying to sleep. As the person who’s responsible for keeping clients satisfied, you need to be prepared to respond to emails and answer phone calls at inconvenient times.

3. Branch Out to New Services and Related Businesses

The more service packages you can provide, the more sales you’ll make in the long-term. It’s a simple, time-tested formula that has been successfully utilised by some of the world’s largest companies like Amazon and Walmart. Fortunately, the travel industry gives you an endless amount of opportunities for expansion.

4. Be Prepared to Deal with Letdowns

Let’s face it, some clients are just downright picky, rude, and demanding. The travel industry has no shortage of snobby clients who expect to be waited on hand and foot. It’s easy to complain about it and point the finger at the entire business model, or you can deal with it and focus on increasing your client solicitation efforts. Some deals will go smoothly and others won’t. Being able to bounce back and continue business as usual is an essential trait for a DMC manager to have.

Follow Through on Your Promises

It can be easy to fall into the “jack of all trades” trap as a DMC. You start out trying to provide the most comprehensive service possible and before you know it, you’re spread thin and overwhelmed with dozens of different tasks. Before you add another service to your list of offerings, make sure you’re prepared to easily fulfil your end of the bargain.

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