5 Seaports in India which are a popular tourist destination to visit if you have a formal permission

India has 12 major government operated seaports plus one private operated seaport on its mainland and several minor seaports along its coastline. About 95% of the total volume of business is conducted via these seaports. Therefore, a thriving network of roads and railways connect these places. Being places of importance, these are spread over large areas.

Contrary to popular belief, these ports are now also acting as major tourist destinations. With proper permission from the port trust, travellers can visit these ports and see the workings of the different institutions present here.

Given below is a list of five busiest ports in India that can be visited with proper documentation.

Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Maharashtra

This is the largest and the busiest ports in India. Earlier known as Nhava Sheva, this place deals mostly with container cargo from across the world. Situated in the east of Mumbai, this place is located in the place of two villages Nhava Sheva hence the name.

The port is totally controlled by the government. Travellers need proper permission from the port authorities only after which they are allowed for a guided tour inside the premises. All the while, the tourists must carry valid ID proof.

Established around 1989, this port handles about 56% of the total Indian sea trade via containers. The principal exports from this port are sporting goods carpets, textile machinery.

Chennai Port, Tamil Nadu

Chennai has the third oldest port in India established way back in 1881. This port is the second largest in terms of its shipping capacity. It is also one of the busiest seaports in India as it not only handles trade but also has an active naval base of operations.

This port is more securely fortified than most of the other ports on this list. Tourists may not be allowed at all inside the premises if they can not produce proper reasons for entering and do not have proper documentation.

Situated on the Bay of Bengal, this port provides financial stability to the whole state. The port has increased its handling capacity steadily and currently deals with more than 100 million tonnes every year. For more information visit- https://www.cogoport.com/blogs/major-indian-sea-ports

Kandla Port, Gujarat

Established after the India-Pakistan partition, this port is situated in the Kandla Creek 90kms from Kuch, Gujarat.

Visitors get a chance to see huge containers and complex pieces of equipment when they visit this port. This place has a lot of scenic views and tourists can also find several hotels in the place called Gandhidham around the port.

The port has been among the most profitable and busiest ports in India. It mainly deals with the export and import of oil. Other than that, it also imports steel, iron, and machinery.

Vishakhapatnam Port, Andhra Pradesh

This is one of the smaller ports that have the most scenic view available to tourists. It is also an upcoming tourist destination. The port is located on a creek where the Narava Gedda joins the sea.

Tourists can visit the port three days a week. Due permission is necessary for entry with proper entree fees. The port deals with iron ore, coal, and aluminium export.

Paradip Port, Orissa

Located in the Jagatsinghpur district of the state, this port serves as an international trade hub and a very popular tourist destination. Every year, hundreds of people come to the town of Paradip to visit the magnificent port.

The deepwater port allows large vessels to enter the port easily and conduct trade. There is even a railway system that connects the port for easy transport of goods. This port mainly deals with exports, exporting vast amounts of iron ore to Japan.

The ports are some of the offbeat tourist destinations where people can not only find scenic beauty but also see the nation’s capabilities of handling large scale exports and imports for a better economic future of the country.

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