How and Why to Get a Marine Survey

If you are buying a used yacht, you should think seriously about paying for an accredited marine surveyor to take a look at the boat before you put your hard-earned money on the table.

Do I Need A Marine Surveyor?

Legally, you don’t. You can purchase any boat you want at whatever price you like. So technically, no, you don’t have to hire a marine surveyor. However, you really should.

Even if you are an experienced boater and marine mechanic, you can miss things with a visual inspection that a qualified surveyor will catch and identify in a report. Some of these issues could end up costing you thousands of dollars, drastically changing the calculus of the value of a boat.

You don’t need to know about all of the potential problems that exist with the boat you are buying, but if you’re interested in getting the best value for your money, it is worth putting an initial investment of a couple of hundred dollars into a survey rather than losing thousands down the line.

How to Get a Marine Survey

You should contact an accredited marine surveyor in your area to get an official survey. Unofficial surveys by friends, relatives, or well-meaning marine mechanics are still likely to miss issues that could become important. There are several tests for moisture, mildew, etc. that surveyors perform that amateurs can’t.

An official survey can also be necessary to qualify for insurance. If you are interested in buying a yacht in South Florida, South Florida Yachts can help guide you through the process, including getting a survey and processing all of the paperwork. Buying a yacht doesn’t have to be risky or stressful.

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