Why Outsource Your Metal Fabrication?

Manufacturing can be a tough business model for any entrepreneur, but the key to launching your goods can be as simple as setting up the right supply chain. Some of today’s most successful brands do very little manufacturing themselves while building some of the world’s largest companies. They simply set up a chain of suppliers who can accomplish various goals, from part manufacturing to color treatments, and in some cases even assembly.

The decision to move an operation in or out of house is never simple, but one of the most common outsourced steps in the production of many consumer goods is metal fabrication. The reason is simple. Fabrication often requires multiple steps that each use specialized heavy equipment. It’s often less expensive to find a supplier than it is to make the investment in space, equipment, and personnel you’d need to open your own internal shop.

What Can a Fabrication Shop Do?

Custom metal fabrication specialists can literally machine your parts to your specifications, no matter what you need. Most rely heavily on the state of the art CNC milling systems, 3D printing, and other highly versatile manufacturing technologies to ensure they can hit the toughest specifications on client projects. Of course, simple fabrication services like drilling, deburring, and cutting parts from extruded stock are also available. This allows your supplier to build the most efficient path to meeting your needs, using your designs and engineering team as a major resource while they develop that process.

Where To Find a Fabrication Shop

There are a wide variety of options available in many locations, but often it’s easiest to work with a supplier who is close to home. Local fabrication resources are easier to visit, and that makes communication simpler on each new project you start. It also saves on the cost of delivery, which can offset a slightly lower bid from a more distant supplier. Remember, every shop has their own range of materials and operations, so keep searching until you find your best fit.


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