Website Design Checklist for 2020 – Things You Need to Include When Creating a Website

Your website promotes your business even outside operating hours. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that it represents your brand the best way possible. Moreover, you need to make sure that it always remains up to date with the latest trends in your industry. Not sure what you need to work on? Check out the round-up of web design trends below.

Design with a purpose

Make sure you get the message across effectively. To do this, you must create a design with a purpose.  Outline the goals and purpose of your website. Do you want to use it as your portfolio? Do you want to create a searchable online database for your customers? Are you looking for a better way to market your business? List down every reason why you want to have a website.

Also, it’s recommended to research about your target customers and competitors. Find out what your dream clients want and what your competitors currently offer. Determine how you can deliver value through your web pages. If you’re having a hard time thinking about your website’s purpose, you can try hiring services such as those from Flashbang Digital Printing.

Check the size of the elements

Each element of your website needs to be the right size. You can experiment with using large typography on the above-fold section of your website or perhaps an embedded YouTube video to capture the attention of your audience. When adjusting the sizes, consider the screens used by your customers. See to it that your site uses a mobile-friendly layout, so every element appears properly regardless of the device used by your target customer.

Include a convincing CTA

Every website needs to have a good call to action! With a convincing CTA, you can motivate your audience to perform an action such as visiting your shop, calling your representative or buying your product or service offers. Write a CTA that makes sense and place it somewhere your customers can easily spot it, such as the above-fold section of the homepage.

Provide enough whitespace

Whitespaces refer to the empty areas on a website. These are extra useful in highlighting important aspects of your websites such as images, text and CTA buttons. Whitespaces are a must not only for minimalist websites but also for those that want to leave a long and lasting impression.

Tailor-made illustrations

While there are plenty of images you can use for free, it still pays to invest in creating graphics that truly resonates with your brand. You can hire photographers or graphic designers to create images that capture the style and voice of your business. Provide them with your branding guideline to ensure that every element of the graphics aligns with what you want.

Thousands of websites get launched each day everywhere in the world. To stand out, you must create a website that satisfies the demands and needs of your target customers. Also, you should consider adding elements that are currently used in the website design industry today. Take note of the trends enumerated above and use any of them to boost your website’s appeal.

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