Get a New Look To Resonate Female Achievement

March 8th is one of the most celebrated days around the world as International Women’s Day. Most people that this day is just like any other, but they couldn’t be more wrong. This day signifies the struggle and hardships for achieving gender equality.

The first IWD took place in 1911 to act against women’s oppression and growing gender inequality.

 International Women’s day is also celebrated due to the following reasons.

Ø  To discourage gender inequality and promote gender equality.

Ø  To celebrate women’s struggle and achievement.

Ø  To spread awareness about the rights of women.

Ø  To raise funds for charities focused on females.


In today’s age, most of our business, and education, are done through digital means. Spending a lot of time in front of a screen can lead to dry eyes and strain your eyes. This, alongside having blurry eyes, having headaches, watery eyes, are signs of growing eye problems.

If you face these symptoms, then we suggest you visit an ophthalmologist to get your eyes checked. Digital Eye Syndrome is a growing threat that affects human health, more precisely the eyes.

To minimize this threat, you should reduce your exposure to short light and extended screen time.

On this Commemorable day of 8th march, SmartBuy Glasses is one of the leading eye retailers, has brought an offer that you can not refuse. They are offering an 8% discount site-wide and a 30% discount on exclusive women’s glasses from SmartBuy Collection.

SmartBuy Glasses offers a selection of glasses from more than 500 pairs. These glasses are high quality and affordable and come in different colors, materials, and for every face type.

If you want to discover our top picks for stylish glasses, then keep reading. We have put together a list of the best glasses at SmartBuy Glasses this international women’s day.

  • Gucci GG0516S

These rectangular frame glasses from Gucci are going on hot for fashion enthusiasts. The sleek design and performance of these glasses make them best for an oval face.

They have a Gray frame and silver flash lenses. On either side, they have the Gucci double G logo giving it a premium look.

  1.     SmartBuy Collection Chant

One of the most versatile styles of glasses is transparent frame glasses. Not only are these glasses in style in 2021 they also are evergreen and look with just about anything. By buying these glasses at just 270SEK, you can get yourself the right glasses as well as help someone in need by SmartBuy Glasses collaboration with the Mother and Child program.

  1.    Arise Collective Patras C4

These glasses are one of the most beautiful glasses and suit every face. These glasses have a purple lens that makes your everyday brighter as well as protecting you from U.V rays.

Purple is also the color that symbolizes international women’s day as well as signifying justice and dignity. SmartBuy Glasses also offers a 2-year warranty on these glasses.

If this article served as inspiration and a guide to help you in choosing glasses for you, decide to buy them at the SmartBuy Glasses store.

You can browse for more than 180 designer branded glasses and more than 80,000 pairs of eyewear. Not only that, by shopping at SmartBuy Glasses, you also help people in need.

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