Here Is Your Ultimate Guide To Buying A Travel Insurance In Singapore

As with any other product in the market, when you look at insurance services online, you will find a lot of options for travel insurance. Hence, it can be challenging to know which product is the best fit for you and will be able to match up to all your needs. What works for others, may not work for you; therefore, you need to ensure that you check every detail of the insurance that you wish to purchase.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

An average Singaporean travels overseas 5.2 times a year. Hence, there is no doubt that travel insurance is an essential commodity for most Singaporeans.

As most people will know, travelling is not all fun and games at all times. There may be unforeseen situations during your trip, which can leave you stranded, and when you are in a foreign land, this can be quite stressful. In such a situation, travel insurance can help you out and ensure that your trip proceeds smoothly.

Whether you lost your luggage, passport, or even fall ill unexpectedly, your travel insurance package will be able to help you out. With travel insurance, you can also handle emergencies such as booking new hotel rooms, changing your flight tickets and more. Thus, travel insurance can help not only frequent travellers but those who do not have much experience travelling overseas as well.

But How Do You Decide Which Travel Insurance Plan Is The Best For You?

Here is the checklist that you need when you plan on buying travel insurance. With this ultimate travel insurance guide, you can ensure that your getaway has no unfortunate surprises:

  • Deciding on the best time to buy insurance: It is best that you buy your travel insurance as soon as you have bought your plane tickets and booked your accommodations. This will help you get the maximum coverage and will help you get claims on your bookings if your vacation is unexpectedly delayed or cancelled due to reasons recognized by your policy.
  • Buy insurance for your current trip or get an annual renewal scheme: Deciding whether you should purchase an insurance scheme per trip or whether to buy a yearly trip cover. With a single trip scheme, you will be insured for a particular trip that you choose. With an annual programme, you will be covered for all trips that you take within a year, and with one-way insurance, you will be covered only for one part of your journey. Deciding on which plan to buy depends on how frequently you travel, and whether or not you take more trips abroad than within your country. If you happen to take a short vacation within your country more frequently than foreign adventures, buying an annual, scheme can only mean that you are spending money on premium coverage on trips which do not really require them.
  • Should you get the individual or family plan: The best travel insurance should be able to meet all your needs. When it comes to deciding whether you should buy individual plans or a family plan, you need to look at the insurance policy carefully. While purchasing a family plan is cheaper, some insurance services have a cap on how many family members can be included in a family plan.
  • Compare different insurances based on what they cover for you: the best travel insurance is one which s able to cover you for a host of unforeseen situations. When you are in a foreign land, you do not want to encounter any situation which your travel insurance may not cover for you. Hence, you need to carefully assess which travel insurance covers the most situations for you, and which offers better coverage.
  • Personalized insurance: In some cases, you may require some customized insurance schemes, such as if you have a unique medical condition, travelling with senior persons or pregnant women, require a car rental and so on. It is best to assess whether or not your insurance policy will be able to add specialized coverage depending on your unique situation.

What Is The Best Travel Insurance In Singapore?

With this ultimate travel insurance guide, it is easy to see that the best travel insurance is one which will cover you for a variety of situations, and will be able to take your unique needs under consideration. Opting for the cheapest insurance may not always be the best choice. When trying to pick travel insurance for your vacation, it is best to consider which option will offer you the best value for your money.

When purchasing your travel insurance, it is also essential that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Make sure that you understand every condition carefully before you make any purchases, especially if you gave a pre-existing medical condition. This will ensure that you are not caught unaware and have all of the necessary information that you need in order to file for claims in your policy. Reading documents carefully is essential to find out what your insurance will cover you for, you do not want to buy a policy and then find out they do not cover you for emergency flight bookings or delayed luggage.

What Should You Do Before You Travel?

Now that you have picked out the best travel insurance for you, using our ultimate travel insurance guide, it is crucial that you prepare adequately for your trip. Your responsibility does not just end with purchasing the insurance policy. When you are travelling, ensure that you have noted down your insurance policy number, have noted down and are carrying all of the documents necessary in order to file a claim in case of emergency, as well as noting the procedure to file a claim and the deadline for submitting it. It is also vital that you note down an emergency number that you can use to contact your travel insurance provider in case you need assistance in a hurry.

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