The Methods in Which CBD Is Absorbed in Your Body


It is very good that you have decided to try out CBD for its health benefits. It is available in the market in various forms of product. Often it is unavoidable to get confused over which product to buy and which one would be the best for your purpose. Before buying a CBD product you need to understand that not all CBD products will be effective in the same way.

The main reason for this is that the effectiveness of CBD depends on how it is absorbed in the bloodstream. It needs to reach the bloodstream to take any action. Once in the blood stream, it reaches the CB1 and CB2 receptors of endocannabinoid system (ECS) to work its magic.

There are various products infused with CBD like CBD oil, tinctures, capsules, edibles and even CBD vape oil. Nowadays you don’t even have to look for CBD dispensaries to buy CBD products. Just go online and find trustworthy brands like JUST CBD store, which gives you high quality CBD product with an assurance of third-party quality test and free return policy. They are also providing free shipping within USA on retail orders over $20.

Amount of CBD That Actually Gets Absorbed

The total proportion of CBD that your product contains is not necessarily fully absorbed by your body. There is a process called pharmacokinetics that defines how it is processed. It covers both the internal factor of body’s ability to absorb and eliminate, and the external factors that either help or limit the process.

The way of administering CBD has a vital role to play in deciding how fast it is transported in to bloodstream and the amount of CBD absorbed.

Different Methods of Absorption

There are basically four ways of absorption technique depending on the product administration

  • Ingestion

Here you intake the product orally. At first, it goes through the digestive system and then moves on to the blood stream after digestion. Since it takes a longer route to reach the bloodstream, it cannot absorb high proportion of CBD. It also takes longest to take effect.

  • Inhalation

This method either uses smoking or vaping to absorb CBD. When you inhale CBD through smoke or vapors it reaches your lungs directly where the alveoli release the components in to the bloodstream. It may be the fastest method to take effect, but it loses effect quickly. It also may have side effects like lung irritation.

  • Transdermal Absorption

This method includes topical application of CBD products that are absorbed through your skin. It is mostly used for anti-inflammatory purposes and pain relief. You can apply it in form of cream and lotion directly on the affected area. The interesting fact is that it doesn’t enter your bloodstream.

  • Sublingual (mucous absorption)

This process simply uses the product by putting it under the tongue and wait for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. It avoids going through the digestion system and liver.

All these processes work differently on individuals depending on factors like health issues and dosage.

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