Excellent Reasons to Consider Residency in Malta

Do you wish to move to a European country? There are plenty of choices, but Malta is one of the best because the island boasts great weather, low cost of living, delicious food, a wonderful lifestyle and sandy beaches. More and more people are moving to Malta because of its low crime rate, reliable healthcare services and a stable economy. You can find some appealing visa and residence programs if you are looking for an offshore retirement place. Some truly impressive reasons to consider a residency in Malta are outlined below:

  • Sunny all-year round

Surrounded by calm and tranquil waters, Malta experiences warm and sunny weathers all-year round. Summer begins in Malta at the end of March and comes to an end in November. Even winters in Malta are quite mild, so if you are looking for a sunny place, it should be your destination.

  • Stable economy

The booming economy of Malta is a strong reason to consider moving there. It has a stable property market and provides steady capital growth, making it a great place to invest. Furthermore, the cost of living is really low so the minimum wage is also low.

  • Safety

One of the most popular reasons that people apply for the Malta Visa and Residence Program (MRVP) is because it is very safe. The crime rate is really low in the country and it can cope with exposure and natural disasters. In fact, it is one of the safest countries in all of Europe.

  • Language

There are two official languages in Malta; English and Maltese. Hence, moving to Malta means that you don’t have to put up with language barriers when you move to this beautiful place.

The Maltese island is truly an inviting one and is a wonderful place to live.

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