Reasons for a career change – considering relocating to Australia?

There are many GPs who have relocated to Australia and are now reaping the benefits of making the big move. There are plenty of jobs available, in particular GP jobs in Melbourne.

When you consider working as a GP in Australia it may seem a daunting process but with Alecto they will be with you every step of the way. From finding the right job to getting you and your family settled.

GPs trained outside of Australia though will be required to work in a District of Workforce Shortage (DWS).  This is so that the workforce is equally distributed across the county and that GPs are directed to go and work in places where they are most needed.

Once you’ve made the decision to move down under, you will need to be aware of the registration process. This can take up to eight months for it be completed but Alecto have people in place to allow this process to go smoothly and successfully for you.

You are likely to work less hours than what you would working as a GP in the UK as well as earn a lot more too. GPs in Australia can choose how many patients per hour you see and you won’t be pressured to see more than what you are comfortable with. This allows you to spend quality time with patients and give a sense of fulfilment in your work. You won’t also be expected to spend the end of the day doing paperwork as this is included in the consultation time with the patient, meaning you will be free to go at the end of the day following your last patient.

Seen as you will be contracted to the practice you will earn on a patient by patient consultation, meaning you will only be paid when you see a patient. This puts you in firm charge of your income and it is important to note to ensure you have a good steady stream of patients to see.


One great advantage of relocating is you will notice a signifiant increase in free time on your hands. This will allow a great work/life balance and if you take a GP job in Melbourne then there is plenty that you and your family can do. The warmer and sunnier climate is obviously a huge positive and can improve your outlook on life for sure. In general the Australians have a great outlook on life and any GPs making the move should find this infectious and embrace it.

So making a career move as big as relocating to a country on the other side of the world is clearly a big deal. However there are plenty of positives to doing this. As a GP, if you are considering it then Alecto can help you find a job, get you and your family settled and ensure things go to plan for you and make the transition as easy as possible.

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