6 Fun Activities to Do on A Boat

Going on a boat ride is already a fun activity. But imagine all the activities you can do on a boat while enjoying a ride. When that sunny day comes, and you are thinking of what fun activities you can do with your friends or family, consider going on a boat ride. Discussed below are some fun activities you can do while on a boat.


Fishing is not only fun but also relaxing and calming. With the many techniques used in fishing, choose your fishing gear and sail with your friends or family for a few catches. Make this as fun as possible and compete who will catch the most fish. You can even prepare a fish meal after a few catches and enjoy fresh fish direct from the sea.

Golf Fishing

This is a fun activity that should be included in your bucket list when you go boating. Have artificial turf fitted on the boat and carry some bio-degradable golf balls and an inner tube to be pitched on the side of the boat. Find some hotspots for fish and start the game. You can even compete and see how many casts each team takes before catching a fish.


A common way for people to bond is gathering around a fire for some barbequing. Carry whatever food you want to grill, and after you have all settled, get to barbequing. Most boats come with built-in grills for fun activities like this.


Just like the beautiful views, you are enjoying as you sail, beneath the surface of the water lies amazing sights as well. Carry snorkeling gear with you and enjoy the beautiful scenery you will not see anywhere else but underwater. Get to see corals in various shapes and colors and a few sea creatures. Remembers to carry an underwater camera to capture these beautiful moments. Do not worry if you do not own a boat. Newport Duffy Rental can help you get a boat and enjoy this fantastic activity.

Scuba diving

What better way to escape your everyday routine than going 50 to 80 feet underwater for amazing views? Get your scuba gear ready and get to explore the world under the sea. With scuba diving, you go deeper into the sea, where you can see almost all types of underwater life. Get to swim with a school of fish and see some turtles swimming as well. Where you see vertical coral walls, scuba dive along with them, and discover a few secrets of the sea.


Find one or two-person kayaks that can fit in the boat and go exploring. If anyone on the boat is a beginner, start with flat-water kayaking. Choose a water body sheltered from strong winds with very few waves. However, kayaking requires little training, and nowadays, there are better models that come with foot pedals to help beginners. Make things more fun by competing who is the fastest.

Boating activities give you a chance to relax and unwind from your routine and bond with friends and families. From simply taking a ride to having a party on the boat, there are many activities to choose from. So go ahead and have some fun and remember to practice safety as you go to explore the wonders of the sea.


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