Different Types Of Commercial Window Tinting


Commercial window tinting can be very useful in a number of different applications. Some of the most common reasons for having these films applied to the windows of any business range from minimizing the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays to increased privacy from the outside world.

In the case of he former, UV rays can be damaging to the interiors of your offices and it can have an adverse effect on the employees who work within. When the sun is beating in through the windows unfiltered, it can make you feel worn out, dehydrated, and promote various skin problems that could lead to skin cancer and other illnesses.

For the latter, some businesses require heightened privacy measures due to the sensitive nature of the company and the work it does inside. Security films can also keep the outside world from getting in, such as intruders who may wish to break in or otherwise cause damage.

No mater what kind of window film your company requires for its office buildings, Sun Control Center has a tinting solution for you. But in order to decide which film meets the needs of your business, take a look at the different types of window tinting that is currently available.

Decorative Film Tinting

This type of film provides exactly what it says, a decorative tint and/or design component that brings visual flair, privacy, and a number of other decorative additions to give your office a unique aesthetic with a pleasing, sophisticated, and professional appearance.

Decorative films come in a wide range of options, There are films that offer patterns to complement or blend in with your office décor. Some films can be laid over windows for a textured look and feel that is often much cheaper than buying actual textured panes of glass. Many films are also designed to filter light and bring extra privacy into a room or an entire office.

The choice is up to you. Decorative films are equipped to bring color and patterns into any work environment while keeping harsh lights from entering the office space. Our collection of decorative films is wide-ranging and we have a film to fit every décor and budget.

Frosted Film Tinting

Perhaps the most commonly used form of film tint to increase privacy in an office environment is the frosted tint. Applying this type of film to a window can keep prying eyes from seeing inside of any room while maintaining a stylish and professional appearance.

Similar to the decorative tinting options, frosted tinting is available in a variety of options that include simple or complex patterns, custom logos, and plain frost that can obscure the view of passersby both inside and outside of the facility.

Best of all, these frosted tint films give the appearance of real etched glass without the high cost and if you decide you no longer need frosted glass, you can remove the tinting anytime. These films are not applied permanently, so you have the flexibility to change your mind later.

Security Film Tinting

There are tints to reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and tints to keep a level of privacy in your office. But what about keeping the office secure from the dangers of the outside world?

You’re in luck, there’s a window tint for that very purpose. Safety film is designed to fortify your business’ windows from outside impacts that could shatter your window glass.

It’s made from heavy-duty materials combined with adhesives that, when applied, add a layer of strength to the window in a bid to preserve the physical stability of the glass.

Many security films are added to storefront windows, glass doors, office windows, any type of glass that could be compromised by those who are seeking to enter an environment that would be otherwise closed to the public.

These films are an excellent deterrent to criminals and thieves who may be scoping out your place of business, ready to strike after everyone has gone home for the evening. Security films are ready to protect the most vulnerable entry points of your business and prevent the glass from being broken by would-be intruders and valuables or sensitive data taken illegally.

The primary function of these films is to keep the broken glass from falling apart and allowing access into the office. When the glass shatters, the film remains intact, effectively maintaining a barrier between your place of business and those who would enter your business without permission.

Security films are not visible to the naked eye. No one knows its there until the glass breaks and the shards are kept together without falling apart to the ground.


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