How the Organizations Benefit from Rewarding Their Employees’ Outstanding Performances

Staff recognition is an essential part of boosting the performance of employees and the organizations for which they work. This is because the workers need to feel motivated and appreciated in the companies that they work for so that they can improve their performance. By motivating the employees, they keep focused on achieving the goals objectives of the organizations, and hence the entire production of their companies remain outstanding. Many employers have realized that their companies cannot maintain a brilliant performance if the employees are demotivated. This is because the employees are the ones that handle these customers and the level of customer satisfaction depends on the spirit of the workers who handle them.

Other than the general motivation, organizations have also designed special programs that are geared toward rewarding employees who portray outstanding performances in their areas of work. Providing various workplace rewards can be very impactful on the performance of the staff members and the entire organization in general. For instance, some companies reward the employees who surpass their targets during the staff evaluation and appraisals. When such workers receive a special treat for the noble work that they have done for their employers, they feel much appreciated and get the motivation to keep their spirit of performance even higher. On the other hand, the rest of the staff members who never achieved their set targets feel challenged to improve their performance so that they can get their fair share of recognition from the program. Below are some of the great ideas that the organizations can embrace to reward their outstanding employees:

VIP Parking Slots

Every organization has some executive parking space that where every person who drives to work admires and wishes if they could be allowed to park their cars. Such spaces would be an excellent idea for the employers and the senior management team to allow the employees who have shown exemplary performances to park there. This would make them feel valued when they do not compete for parking spaces with the other members of staff or even pay for the parking services. As a result, the rewarded staff members would feel motivated to continue with the same level of performance so that they can continue enjoying such privileges.

Hand-Written Thank You Notes

This is a very effective way of appreciating the employees in the organization especially after they have done some activity that has impacted positively on the company. However simple or cheap it would seem, it is quite rare for the employers or the company owners to dispatch information to the junior employees in such a manner. It would mean a lot to the junior staff receiving a hand-written note from the CEO of the organization, congratulating them for their contribution to the company’s growth.


A lot of employees in the organization would like to be associated with various professional bodies, which generally offer them a sense of belonging and pride. Giving such privileges to the staff members who portray outstanding performance would be enough motivation to make them feel recognized for their significant contribution to the organization’s prosperity.

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