Make Your Exhibition Stand, Trade Show Signage and Graphics Work in Alberta

Signage and graphics on your trade show booth or exhibition stand can be as vital as the booth itself when it comes to calling for attention. This is your most powerful promotion tool besides your staff. Trade show signage in Edmonton will tell people at the exhibition who you are and what you do. Once you get their attention, it will go ahead to tell them your business objectives, mission statement and show them what you are really about.

The secret, however, is to keep everything simple. Do not throw a lot of information out there, or else nobody will read it. People are quite lazy, so they want to get as much information as possible without having to work very hard. When you keep it simple, you will attract many visitors to your exhibition booth.

Your main trade show signage in Edmonton should be your company name and logo. Maybe you could have a tag line on the company’s logo, but that is it. The aim is to be easily recognizable and hopefully unforgettable. The easier to remember the signage is the better. Think of all the big company names you know, such as Microsoft, Nike, Coca Cola and Sony, among others. Most use simple, single colour logos, with no gimmicks. Ensure that your logo is visible from almost all areas of the trade or exhibition hall. Keep it simple and bold.

After getting the attention of your visitors, you can then get them a bit more acquainted with the info you put into your trade show signage. Think about when you skim through a magazine or book. Think about things that will make you stop and look closer. It is normally pictures or an exciting headline that gets your attention first. Then consider how far you read before skimming again or pausing to read more. It is really just a few words. This same instinct works with visitors at tradeshows or exhibitions.

While they are bombarded with information from every side, only something catching their interest or attention will make them stop to look. Pictures are always a great idea, since they are easier to process, compared to text. If you utilize text, ensure that you keep the information to a minimum, and ensure that the words are easy to read.

Basically, use your trade show signage in Edmonton as a tool to grab attention. Hopefully, after a visitor gets interested in your booth, your staff will be ready to fill him or her in on the finer details of your business. It is also advisable to have brochures on hand just in case your staff members are all busy.

If you are planning to participate in a trade show, you can contact an expert for advice on signage and trade show displays in Alberta. These experts will help you get the most from the trade show event, and grow your business further. From trade show signage and graphics to trade show displays in Alberta, this expert will help make your trade show event a success.

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