Perfecting the Tones for the UX Designs

Admit it. You also find it harder and harder to keep up with the new webdesign trends, as they are so numerous and only disappear to come back later. However, is all this energy devoted by brands and web-merchants in the innovation of UX design and graphic design techniques worth the effort?

UX Design make

We have chosen to list some design trends and analyze a few websites that take advantage of them to offer the best shopping experience possible to their customers.

Long scrolling pages

It is always very tempting to want to remove content from a page of your shop, when it has the disadvantage of being too long. Indeed, one can at first glance think that none of the visitors of the site will take the trouble to scroll the page until reaching the bottom of the page. However, in recent years there has been a profound shift in consumer habits. People are used to scrolling on long pages from mobile devices and tablets.

  • You too have probably come across a website without knowing where to click to go further. Sometimes we are simply lost on a site – a bit like being in an online maze.
  • This is exactly what we would like to avoid and that’s what UX-Design is all about creating and designing your website so that the user experience is positive. In other words, if the UX-Design is good, the visitor will feel good about your site and stay there longer.
  • The UX of your Jimdo site depends on its construction, content and options. The term UX-Design refers to all elements, functions and style.
  • Now let’s take a look at what are the typical UX-Design errors and what advice we have gathered for your website.

Using unclear icons and symbols

On an Internet site, the symbols or icons are practical because they save you space – and what’s more, they are pretty. But we can also use them in the wrong place and thus destabilize Internet users. This is the case when working with symbols and icons that are not explicit. Visitors can then guess and click to see what is behind the icon. It’s annoying and it takes time, that in general we do not have.

In fact, over time, we have all learned to recognize certain symbols that help us find ourselves online. For example, everyone knows that the phone symbol leads to the phone number, the internal search magnifier, and so on. As soon as one of these signs is replaced by a slightly less well-known symbol, the visitors are a little helpless.

“Where do I come from if I click on the duck?” Unclear icons can disturb visitors. “Where do I come from if I click on the duck?” Unclear icons can disturb visitors.

If you use icons, buttons or symbols on your website, ask yourself the following question: “Would I be there if I went to my website for the first time?” If the answer is no, then you need to review the design a bit.

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