Preparing and Planning Weekly Meals

There is a proven connection between good health and home cooking. The temptations are all around us to throw caution to the wind and eat wherever and whenever we like. In our great USA, one in three are overweight, two out of three have obesity and one out of thirteen have extreme obesity.

You work hard and come home tired. Your feet are aching. The last thing you feel like doing is to take another hour on your feet washing, chopping, sautéing and cooking. Take-out, frozen and easy to prepare pizzas have become a staple in the American diet.

When you are asked if you have had your vegetables, do you have a blank stare on your face? One fellow stated with pride that he and his family lived on a strict, no vegetable diet. They also made regular trips to the doctor’s office. Is this a coincidence?

When morning comes, do you hit the snooze button more than once? By the time you are dressed for work, you do not have enough time for breakfast. The days you get around to making a decent lunch to take to work are few and far between.

Employers have become concerned and are stepping in to help this wide spread challenge. They are offering nutritious, delicious foods conveniently at the workplace. These companies know that the health of their employees directly coincide with their productivity.

Some companies bring micro market vending to their locations. These markets provide nourishing, low-salt, low-sugar options, locally grown, hand crafted foods. They deliver fresh food every week.

Businesses attract and retain the best talent when their employees are valued. They have calculated that their employees are 22 percent more effective in their work when they offer these kinds of perks. This weekly lunch plan is catching on with enthusiasm.

Businesses are partnering with local grocery stores to be able to offer better prices. They are providing meal plans, nutritional information and opportunities for the employees themselves to participate in lunch ideas. Some are also providing fun, effective food containers. They are providing more refrigerators for employees to have a place to store their food.

Companies are doing their best in every way, to create a better all-around atmosphere to insure better lunches. Staff appreciation lunch is a great motivator for employees. They all get excited when free food is involved.

As an employee with two different job offers in the ballast, which company would you choose? One company offered the traditional half hour break for lunch. The second company provided a free food bar where you could grab a yogurt or healthy, highly nutritious snack any time you wanted. Would it make the choice easier where healthy, available food was a perk?

When employees are asked what makes them feel valued and appreciated, food is always a priority. The time saved by not having to prepare lunches and the money saved by not buying take-out has a big impact on their daily lives. There are several companies today that have a completely free lunch program. Once an employee has experienced this, it would be difficult for him or her to want to work anywhere else.

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