The Co-working Conclusion – 5 Benefits of Using a Co-working Space

Like many in the global community, New Zealanders can also benefit from the trend that has redefined the term co-worker. Co-working is no longer a fad but instead has become a trend that has drastically reduced overhead for many business owners. Whether you are self-employed or the head of a startup, co-working benefits reach far beyond saving a few pennies every month.

Co-working is simply a style where professionals share space. Many co-working companies lease the use of a hot desk or a dedicated desk, but the advantage to professionals is all of the amenities that are included with each package. In addition to having access to world-class IT services, many co-working spaces include the use of standard office equipment, and let’s not talk about the social benefits. Check the Servcorp site at to learn about the way co-working spaces can work for you.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of co-working spaces and how they can help you move towards your business goals.


One of the main benefits of the co-working space is the flexibility that it offers professionals. This plan allows you to lease the use of space, in addition to other amenities that might not come with standard plans. These leases are also scalable in that if you find you need to expand or minimise your business your lease can be easily modified. Even better, professionals can easily scope out and test markets without spending a ridiculous amount of money in relocating for a short time. Co-working presents professionals with the flexibility of being able to run their business without the stipulations that are characterised by conventional leases.

Networking And Collaboration

Professionals benefit greatly from being in such close proximity to others who work in a variety of professions. Whether you find yourself engaged in conversation at one of the hot desks or over lunch, by virtue of being in a room of talented professionals, you get the benefit of getting referrals, finding mentors, and being a part of some of the most innovative collaborations. These informal interactions, in many ways, can turn conversations into collaborations that encourage your business’s productivity.

Community-Minded Spaces

One of the great benefits of the co-working space is that they promote the whole idea of community. While some of the spaces provide their professionals with formal networking and collaborative opportunities, these spaces also promote and encourage social interaction. The proximity of the seating, and in many cases, the cosy atmosphere boosts opportunities for social interaction among professionals in addition to adding to its relaxing, convivial environment.


Another benefit to co-working spaces is that many offer start-ups the opportunity to participate in incubator programs. Incubator programs almost act like cocoons in that they are designed to help nurture your business’s growth. These programs might pair you up with experienced professionals in your industry to show you good practices for business growth. They also have a number of conferences and seminars to teach professionals how to grow their business. Most incubator programs charge a nominal fee, but this is a great investment on the future of your business.


Given the co-working space can be a very social place, it is a much better alternative to working remotely at home. At home, there are a number of distractions that making working difficult. In a co-working office, the setting promotes productivity as opposed to working at home where phones calls, the television, children and the spouse can be constant distractions.

Co-Working Works For Most Everyone

Co-working has a number of benefits other than the ones listed above. For the self-employed, the co-working space is a great alternative to working at home. For the start-up, co-working spaces present an inexpensive option to leasing prime office space. For other businesses in general, co-working allows your business the space to grow.

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