The Importance of High-Security Locks in Safeguarding Your Business

High-security locks offer more than just superior protection from break-ins. These potent mechanisms also provide stringent control over crucial duplication and exceptional durability and can be easily monitored and checked with remote access.

They feature ways to prevent unauthorized entry, such as security pins, patented unique lock mechanisms, and restrictive keyway designs that hinder bumping or picking. These features impede criminals from entering your property and save money on costly repairs.


When you have high-security locks installed, it is a deterrent for burglars because they are more challenging to break into. They are also made to resist various malicious techniques like lock picking and drilling.

Generally, these locks feature a proprietary keyway design with complex patterns and unique angles that defy standard lock-picking tools. This makes it incredibly difficult, if possible, for burglars to break into your business using this method.

In addition, the critical blanks for these locks are unavailable on the open market. This ensures only a locksmith can cut replacement keys. This prevents people from gaining access to rooms that should only be accessed by authorized individuals and helps you save on security costs.

These locks are ideal for schools, pharmaceutical drug rooms, money counting areas, and Secured Compartmented Information Facilities. They are also helpful for businesses that must prevent damage from physical attacks. They are also a good choice for residential homes with valuable possessions.


One of the most essential features of high-security locks is their durability. They are crafted from hardened materials designed to resist drills and bump keys. Additionally, they often have features that prevent unauthorized key duplication, such as patented keyways or unique lock mechanisms. These features make it difficult to obtain copies from hardware stores or locksmiths, making it more challenging for criminals to break into your property.

These features also make it easier to spot if someone has attempted to break in. This can help prevent homeowners from unknowingly welcoming in criminals, and it can provide the evidence needed to file a police report or insurance claim.

A high-security lock such as Assa Abloy locks Orlando may seem expensive, but it’s worth the extra investment to protect your business from theft and criminal activity. It benefits business owners in risky areas that require added protection, such as mercantile and pharmacy facilities and construction sites.

Access Control

Unlike standard locks, high-security business locks often include features that help to deter and defend against advanced forced-entry techniques. For example, drill-resistant cylinders are standard, as are hardened anti-drill pins. These features are typically found on Grade 1 certified locks, which are recommended for most commercial applications.

Most of these locks also come with patented keyways and other mechanisms that prevent unauthorized key duplication. In the business world, where employee and guard keys are constantly being lost, stolen, or borrowed, this is a critical control.

Additionally, many of these locks have advanced features that allow you to monitor who is coming and going and can provide remote access controls for businesses in Orlando with multiple locations. These locks can be customized for various door types and situations, such as swinging, sliding, or roll-up doors. They can even be used in different orientations depending on the needs of your business. This level of customization helps to make these locks an integral part of your overall business security strategy.


High-security locks are designed to resist a variety of physical attacks. This durability helps to reduce the frequency and associated costs of lock replacement, delivering a significant return on your investment.

Most importantly, a high-security lock resists forced entry attempts far better than standard locks. They feature cylinders with more complex pins, sidebars, and other elements that are nearly impossible to pick or bump with conventional tools. They also have hardened steel shackles to resist cutting and sawing.

Additionally, most manufacturers of high-security locks offer patented keyways that restrict the availability of keys to authorized locksmiths and dealers. This is a critical security measure that prevents employees or other people with access to the locks from illegally duplicating keys without your permission.

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