The Key to Communication and Success

Having been at the vacation rental property management industry for 12 years, I’ve seen what can only be described as a tidal wave of change, mostly for the better.

Gone are the days of getting a fax from a Booking agent using a name, age and departure and arrival date? Nothing more than that, before the guest arrived. No hint of what they enjoy, what they expect beyond the fundamentals and the rather odd sense of understanding as yet, faceless family were coming.

On the flipside, those Families, full of excitement, had no one to express the actual passion and understanding of the house and surrounding regions to them that only someone with intimate knowledge of these could describe. Nevertheless everything ticked over, people came and went. But how did we actually know what might have made their stay better? What would we have done to wow them? What were their expectations?

Then one of the two most significant Things to occur so far, happened to the holiday rental market. We got to talk to our guests before they arrive. Thanks to websites like vacation rental by owners and homeaway. We must project our passion to prospective guests by way of phone and email. Unexpectedly, e-mails could come flooding in (if we were lucky) and we could answer the questions which a travel agent could not ask. We could help with these expectations, no matter how crazy we believed on occasion and the holiday rental experience we now see actually started. For home owner and traveling.

If homeaway and holiday rentals began the new age, Air BnB Services London picked up, swung it around and flipped it on its head. They’ve taken the holiday rental to a whole new level. No doubt the expansion had already begun, but I believe, the website, with such amazing functionality, helped travellers opt to move away from resorts in their 100,000’s and no doubt millions throughout the world.

The trick to its popularity? Immediate information and instant, simple communication with the hosts. Whether dwelling owner or vacation rental management company. You’re ready to converse and message in a way not seen before. Everything can be found on your tablet and host and guest could communicate openly during the entire procedure.

These two significant changes have been The driving force behind many businesses operations and really set the Bench mark for enhancing the content of data and rate of Communicating and long may it last.

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