Virtual office – for whom is it suitable?

What is a virtual office for? A virtual office is created to meet the requirements of certain offshore zones when registering a company. Before you understand whether your offshore company needs a virtual office, you need to understand the concept itself.

Virtual Office Services

Virtual office services provide an offshore company with a connection with the outside world. They include:

  • Assigning a company legal address.
  • Assigning a postal address.
  • Allocation of a local telephone line with a number, which will allow for automated processing of all incoming calls and faxes.
  • Call center service.
  • Obtaining an email address on a secure server which will allow forwarding letters.
  • The conclusion of a contract to hire an office for negotiation.
  • Reception of an employee to perform office duties.

Due to the high level of technology development, the use of the “virtual office” service allows you to achieve the effect of being in a certain place, i.e. in the offshore jurisdiction where the company is registered. This allows you to solve a number of organizational and business issues in this jurisdiction, not being at this time in its territory. Compared to a real office, the cost of a virtual office is much lower.

What is a virtual office for? Benefits of Using Virtual Office Services

Using the virtual address services, an entrepreneur gets a number of advantages. In addition to reducing the cost of maintaining an office, an offshore company is increasing its image. For example, if a virtual office is located in the UK or the USA, then the company goes to a higher level. In the case of conducting international business, this is an important point, since it helps to improve relations with business partners.

In some cases, the use of a virtual office is necessary to register the offshore company itself. This is because in some jurisdictions, when registering a company, it is required to provide information and company office data. In order not to disclose the real details of the company, many entrepreneurs use this service.

Virtual Office Registration Procedure

The procedure for registering a virtual office is accessible to many and does not take much time by using company registration services. For the virtual office to work effectively, it is necessary to use special software products and professionalism of managers.

First you need to clearly define the goals that will be achieved through the use of a virtual office, and select the necessary services from the list. Then preparatory technical work is carried out. If a virtual office is required to register an offshore company, then many services can be abandoned.

For companies engaged in the active promotion of their goods using advertising companies, various promotions, surveys, it will be beneficial to create a call center.

For a company that aims to increase the prestige of the company, it will be optimal to receive a separate phone number and the ability to receive incoming calls. If you plan to receive a small number of incoming calls, you can use a common telephone line. If it is necessary to create the illusion of a company presence in an offshore jurisdiction, it is recommended to rent a room with or without a telephone.

Thus, the virtual office not only contributes to the effective management of the business, but also helps to increase the reputation of the company.

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