What are the different kinds of financial advisors are there?

Financial advisors are those persons who help us in all the problems related to finance. They have to support their clients by defining investment portfolios; they should put a sort of data with financial trends, daily changes, and ease of the clients together with changeable decisions. Financial advisors first develop a healthy relationship with clients so that they can trust them. They provide all the facilities to their client related to financial planning services. They give their suggestion about the correct investment of your money. They always revert to every query to their client.

They first calculate the amount that you have and then assist you in correct investment options insurance, tax savings, and insurance. Not only do they suggest you only for investment, but also show you many ways of savings. They tell their clients about the long term and short term investments and assist you to go for only that option which is best for you. They put only those plans in front of you that suit your need and goals. Everyone’s attempt to as much tax as possible, they help their client in all possible ways to save their tax. They regularly explore more about new opportunities for investments. Financial advisors have different categories who are expert in their variant fields.

  1. A representative for providing service to the customers: These kinds of financial advisors generally you find at any financial institution where your account or loan exists. They assist you in taking one-time decisions like a selection of bank account or debit/credit card. They also assist you in comparison of different types of loans. These financial advisors work for any specific institution so they never charge you directly but they get their salary from working institutions.
  2. Wealth advisor: They work typically with rich people who have a lot of amounts to invest. They work to plan for their correct investment and right guidance. They help in each area related to financial life.
  3. Personal banker: These are the persons who work in the banking sector and trustworthy firms. They are sitting there for selling mutual funds or saving bonds to the customers, they get their salary from the bank or the firm for whom they work.
  4. Investment advisors: They are the experts who have expertise in the correct utilisation of each investment. They help their clients in showing the right place to invest their money. Sometimes they work independently and few times they worked for a financial company.
  5. Financial planner: They work with their clients and assist them in achieving their goals. They show them all the possibilities of financial planning, investment planning, risk management, etc.


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