Importance of Digital Marketing in Companies

Every day there is a greater number of people who, just opening their eyes, connect to the world through their PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones and Smart’s TV’s. What brand would not want to be there, in the mind of a potential client, since he wakes up? In this publication of Kalamazoo SEO, we talk about the importance of Digital Marketing in companies, thanks to its ability to build relationships with the target audience in ways that are unprecedented.

Let’s See Below 5 Advantages of Digital Marketing in Companies

1) Increase the Level of Competitiveness of SMEs

Thanks to Digital Marketing, a small SME can compete against large companies, at least in terms of advertising presence.

In traditional media this was unthinkable, but today a modest clothing store could increase brand awareness and sell their products over the internet with minimal investment, competing with large chains that invest large numbers.

You could say that Digital Marketing access to the advertising market, because money is not the only element necessary to succeed. With limited resources but good planning and technique, it is possible to obtain amazing results. On the contrary, unlimited resources with a disorderly execution of insurance will trigger a resounding failure.

2) Unprecedented Segmentation

Perhaps one of the aspects that most affects the importance of Digital Marketing for companies is the possibility of micro segmentation to reach exactly the right people.

When you hire a spot for TV, Radio or advertising on public roads, high amounts are paid for people to simply see it, regardless of whether what we offer interests them or not.

On the other hand, digital marketing tools allow us to connect with specific audiences and deliver the right message, at the most propitious time and in the space that best suits the objectives that we want to obtain.

3) Real-Time Measurement

Can you imagine printing a flyer and knowing exactly how many people read it, how many saved it, how many rejected it and how many came to our company thanks to that communication? With Digital Marketing it is possible.

Thanks to online advertising, any advertiser has the ability to know the scope of each action and, more importantly, to determine the Return on Investment very efficiently.

This is achieved with very accurate statistics that measure the results of the strategy. Digital marketing in companies allows permanent evaluation of what happens in real time.

4) Cheaper

It costs much less to post a notice in adwords or promote a post on Facebook or Instagram, than to place a spot on a radio or TV.

Let’s take an example: placing a notice in a newspaper, you will have to pay for the printing of your message in 50,000 copies, regardless of how many people see it. In contrast, digital marketing allows you to pay when someone clicks on the ad, that is, when someone shows interest.

This happens because advertising 2.0 allows a higher level of segmentation, so that the ads reach specifically the people who may be attracted to our products and not to thousands or millions of people who are going to discard the message because they have no interest in what we offer.

In addition, it is possible to start a digital marketing campaign with a low cost investment and gradually increase the amount, as the results are visible.

5) Facilitate Interaction

The internet is in everything, the internet is in the things we use on a daily basis. From a conversation with formal or informal language through the social networks of the brand, through the comments on YouTube videos, responses to emails, sms, whatsapp, to the use of applications, augmented reality or a chat on the website of the company, all are propitious spaces to connect with potential customers or retain those who already know us. This is another advantage of digital marketing in companies.


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