Benefits of Using Nestable Plastic Totes

Benefits of Using Nestable Plastic Totes

Nestable plastic totes offer the best value for businesses looking for better, cost-effective space-saving solutions. Reusable nestable plastic totes and bins offer several benefits for warehousing and transportation processes in manufacturing assembly applications. Stack and nest containers support sustainable processes in a variety of settings: manufacturing, processing, distribution, and storage applications. Our heavy-duty reusable containers are available in over 26 sizes and five colors and stack with or without the optional lids.

What are nestable plastic totes?

A nestable plastic tote is a specialized storage system where the container nests or sits on each other. This type of nestable system features on average a 4:1 nest ratio to take much less space for container storage and transit. This implies that a nestable plastic tote can save about four times the space needed by straight wall totes or wood pallets.

Benefits of nestable containers

Space saving

As mentioned earlier, nesting empty plastic tote boxes can save up to 76% of space. They feature a trapezoidal construction design that allows them to nest inside each other when empty, thereby allowing you to save cost on the return shipping of empty packaging. When the lid is closed, the box can be stacked and, when opened, nest into each other, thus saving space during both transport and storage.

Saving costs

Opting for reusable plastic totes instead of disposable cardboard boxes reduces supply chain costs, saving the business money. Thanks to their reusability and durability, each plastic box can replace hundreds of cartons, meaning you avoid the cost of buying new supplies. Besides saving valuable space on return transport, these containers are also maintenance-free, thus saving you on disposable and installation costs. The good news is that you don’t have to buy these containers right away; you can rent an ideal nestable plastic tote easily at Flexcon for a single delivery or event.

Safe storage

Nestable plastic totes feature pre-installed security seals that protect high-value goods in transit or storage. You can prevent burglaries and theft by simply locking the seals on covers to prevent the lid from opening. During distribution, check if the seal is broken to determine whether an unauthorized person has accessed the contents of the plastic boxes. Besides, the solid construction of the totes ensures your items are properly secured during transport both within the countryside and on the high seas.

Sustainability benefits

One of the biggest advantages of reusable nestable plastic totes for warehousing and distribution is their durability and eco-friendliness. At Flexcon, most of our products are made of polypropylene to resist extreme temperatures and reduce carbon emissions where we can. Besides, they can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle rather than entering the waste system. These containers also feature impressive impact resistance, and the attached lids in the box ensure your products are well protected from external factors.

Brand building

You can print company information or codes on sealed containers to advertise your business and enhance brand visibility. Nestable plastic totes offer a large surface that enables printing and a clear presentation of your company logo, products or services, and contact details. Besides, using these containers ensures your business looks more professional compared to using paper cartons or bags.


Nestable plastic totes serve a variety of uses and applications, from warehousing, processing, and manufacturing to distribution. These containers are developed with safety in mind and are prevalent in applications requiring extra attention, such as jewelry, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. The nesting containers for stacking are also commonly used in distribution industries such as FMCG, specializing in fast-moving consumer goods like household products, stationery, food products, and OTC drugs. There is no doubt that these containers are the indispensable logistic link that ensures seamless operations in various industries.

Features of nestable plastic totes from Flexcon

The following are some of the features of our nestable plastic totes:

  • Heavy duty construction: Our containers have all it takes to withstand constant, predictable, uninterrupted performance in various automated systems. They are specifically designed to suit the deflection criteria for your applications. Besides, they are made of plastic, meaning they resist damage from rust, corrosion, and water. When fully loaded, the durable walls of stackable and nestable bins and totes resist bending while retaining the containers’ shape and promoting the efficient use of space and handling.
  • Available with adjustable dividers: They also feature stackable dividers to maximize their versatility while effectively utilizing space for efficient picking, sorting, and packing operations.
  • Versatile: Our totes are uniquely engineered to work with most automated inserter/extractor and conveyor systems, including the durable, plastic automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS).
  • Textured bottoms: They also feature a textured bottom design that helps prevent slippage and enhance their performance on conveyors.
  • Smooth sides: These containers feature smooth sides and ergonomic handles to guarantee the seamless movement of containers through automated storage and retrieval systems.
  • Pitched drain holes: The containers come with pitched drain holes to ensure water drains out and prevent automated storage and retrieval systems collapse whenever sprinklers are set off. This is a critical requirement that most insurers ask for.
  • Optional lids: Optional lids are also available. These lids snap on tightly and securely to protect your products during transit and distribution.

Concluding Thoughts on Plastic Totes

For businesses transporting large quantities of stored goods, attached plastic nestable totes can be a valuable investment. These totes are uniquely designed to optimize transport operations and ensure safe and secure storage, shipping, and distribution of various items. The fact that it allows you to transport multiple containers simultaneously helps save space and costs while reducing the risk of breakage. It will also save the business much effort and time.

At Flexcon, we offer stack and nest plastic totes designed to meet your specific industry applications and needs. Our experts will work with you to customize size ASRS totes for your specific automated material handling applications. Feel free to contact us today for more information. Our experts will be happy to discuss your container needs.