What Role Do CPAs Play in the Oscars?

It’s Oscar season again. Time to prepare for that big, glitzy award show with lots of stars and Hollywood “somebodies” dressed to impress. What could the Academy Awards have to do with Certified Public Accountants? You wouldn’t have major awards without companies like The United CPA Association. They are thorough, skilled and trustworthy and that is what makes the Oscars possible.

Prep Work

Preparing for the big night begins about six weeks before the ceremony. Votes from the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences must be counted and recounted to determine the nominees in 24 different categories.

Oscar Week

As Hollywood prepares for the glitz and glamour, two CPAs count, recount and count again to determine the winners in each category. Secrecy is also extremely important. The accountants who do the tally commit the results to memory. They don’t write them down or type them into a computer because there is too much danger of the information leaking to the press.

Awards Night

On the day of the Oscar broadcast, the CPAs choose the winners for a collection of cards that were printed with the names of all of the nominees. The cards with the names of the winners are then stuffed into envelopes, which will then be handed to the person announcing the winners.

Call on CPAs when the job requires accuracy and confidentiality.

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