Why sending handwritten cards and notes is still relevant in a fast-paced world

With the advancement in technology, sending messages nowadays has never been easier with emails, SMS, PMs and DMs. To express thoughts or ideas, most people nowadays can just quickly tap a few keystrokes on their keyboard. Messages or letters are often electronically sent over digital connections and email is the most preferred internet platform for this type of communication. Instant messaging has never been this popular especially in the lives of the people who are always on the go. But despite this rise in digitalization, handwritten cards or notes are undeniably way better than emails. Here are some of the reasons why.

Handwritten notes and letters create a lasting impression. When people rely on electronic means of communication such as emails and SMS, personal connections are being reduced. Worse is when these kinds of messages are left unread or just went to spam, unlike a handwritten card or letter that is especially handed to the receiver. Sending away personalized messages gives a feeling of importance and handwritten cards definitely create a positive impact in terms of building a personal connection. When you put your time and effort on something, it is more valued and it is more likely to be immortalized.

Effective way of getting the message across. In this age of technology when people are too occupied with a lot of things from personal matters to business and career, emailing is the most preferred way of sending a message. This is convenient, instant and virtually at no cost, but electronically sent messages are sometimes subject for misinterpretation. On the other hand, sending handwritten notes for business or sending a handwritten message to express thoughts and feelings or thank someone becomes a very effective tool of communication that clearly shows honesty and value on the message that the sender wants to impart. Messages written by the hand leave a visual imprint and a feeling of nostalgia while effectively expressing one’s ideas.

Writing is an art form. Art inspires us, gives us meaning and helps us understand the world around us. It also elevates our mood and gives us a better feeling. The same goes to the old fashion way of communicating or sending messages that is worth keeping like the personalized handwritten cards and notes. Amidst a technologically-driven world, sending messages thru snail mail is still worth propagating for the sentimental value it gives. This also leaves memories that are meant to be treasured. Keeping the art of handwriting alive in today’s fast-paced world creates appreciation and personal connections on a deeper level.

Handwritten notes and cards are still the best way to send messages or show our feelings to anyone, especially to people dear to us. When words aren’t enough or when a person in not really good in verbal communication, personalized notes and cards will do and they are an authentic way of doing so. The best messages are sent with love, time and effort. Don’t think that your precious time is wasted when you spend it in writing and sending a handwritten note or card because this is a unique way of appreciating a person. This is a genuine way to build a better relationship with people. Something with a personal touch will always send a message of love and thoughtfulness to fill the heart of the receiver with joy.

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